The realistic depiction of all materials makes materialo® an important tool for advising clients in a time in which digital solutions are growing more and more important. materialo® gives bricks-and-mortar retail and skilled professionals a contemporary image, helping them attract younger target groups. Implementation by contractors can be discussed using a variety of options and client pictures. materialo® keeps a record of all ideas and makes it easy to compare them.





One major advantage of using materialo® in the sales process is that using it gives clients a realistic decision-making tool. Visualization plays an essential role in making buying decisions. materialo® lets all manufacturers transform their products into an integral part of many interior decorators’ portfolios in connection with complementary materials. Texture partners also have the option of expanding new distribution channels. Be a part of the growth of the mix material database – and take advantage of this method of driving sales. The intuitive menu interface makes using the tool a breeze, as does the subsequent consultation of real-life samples. Using new media is attractive. That is helping materialo® become the absolute standard in sales technology. The multimedia sales platform offers all users and manufacturers far more than just a major advantage at every level. materialo® can be accessed online anywhere, anytime, making it possible to tap any sales market by using materialo® worldwide. Increase your earnings by seizing common potential. materialo® connects the entire network. The result? Full multiplication of reach. .







materialo® Materialo combines the latest visualization technology with the right materials, interior images and functions. Push innovation by the right solutions.

  • focused strengthening of the stationary trade by consulting expertise
  • better communication of material effects and properties
  • highly efficient and versatile creation of marketing images
  • advertising action for the professional processing of materials
  • reduction of complaints by customer expectation management
  • faster sales processes thanks to specific filtering
  • more decision security due to entirely visualization