Everyone has seen the abbreviations QR, AR and VR somewhere before. But only a few of us really understand what they mean. The materialo development team works with all the new and established trends on a daily basis. As a result, quick response (QR), augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are more than just futuristic concepts. materialo already offers appealing add-ons today to help you in your day-to-day work and turn the design and decoration process into a real experience for your clients.




Quick Response (QR)



QR codes, which users can quickly scan to be directed to the information they are looking for, are an essential part of our everyday lives. Everyone has probably seen these two-dimensional images resembling a test pattern somewhere before – in catalogues, on product packaging or even on live TV. And now you too can benefit from these helpful little codes.


Some of the manufacturers featured in materialo have already added QR codes for each product in their sample books. Simply scan one of these QR codes to get all the information available on a certain material from the materialo cloud. Switching to visualization with materialo is easy, of course.




Augmented Reality (AR)


Augmented reality is the latest hype. It has become a common sight to see people running down the street, chasing monsters, armed only with their smartphones – or see furniture from a Swedish home furnishings store appear through the catalogue, as if by magic. Augmented reality, which mixes virtual elements with the real world, makes it all possible.


Give your clients a WOW effect in your face-to-face interaction with them. Use materialo AR to show fabrics, floors, walls and even window coverings from materialo on your tablet in 3D in the room. This extension lets you add an interactive element to your showroom or show clients their new curtains right on their home’s windows, for example.






Virtual Reality (VR)


Virtual reality (VR) is the complete immersion in a computer-generated world. In the beginning, a whole room was needed to create a deceptively realistic impression. Today, special monitor glasses are all people need to dive into an artificially generated world.


Today, special monitor glasses are all you need to dive into an artificially generated world. You can go beyond seeing to experience sizes, arrangements, light and more. The result? Picking out floors, walls and fabrics is like a game – and mistakes are a thing of the past.